Your Own Luxalad Franchise
Simple Setup, Healthy Returns

From customized equipment and intensive training to digital marketing support and regional exclusivity.
Our all-inclusive model makes it easy for even first-time entrepreneurs to succeed, with only a 5% ongoing royalty fee.

The opportunity A Turnkey Franchise Model

Luxalad, a revolutionary concept born in 2018, invites you to join our expanding family.
Choose Health, Health is the Future, Invest in Your Health and Your Future – it’s a commitment to change the fast-food landscape! 🪄

❤️ Health-Oriented Market

Take advantage of the fast-growing healthy food sector, attracting conscious consumers worldwide

🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 Extensive Franchise Support

Receive extensive training and support for efficient management and customer service excellence

📈 Sustainability and Efficiency

Sustainable, cost-effective business model focused on local sourcing and eco-friendly practices

Who We Look For Positive Community-
Oriented Partners

Our ideal franchisees are stress-resilient, outgoing, solution-minded individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned
entrepreneur or a first-timer, if you share our passion for health and community, Luxalad is your opportunity.

The Luxalad Difference

Our training package is designed to ensure success – covering technical skills, food handling, cash register
operation, and shop management, we provide the continuous guidance


Growth & Success From Local to Global

With successful stories like our Tenerife franchisee planning a second opening, our vision is to expand from European capitals to a global presence. Join us in this journey, and be a part of a brand that’s growing from European to global.


Making a Difference Locally and Globally

Luxalad franchises impact communities by offering healthy alternatives to office workers, gym-goers, and tourists. Our commitment to sustainability includes efforts to be plastic-free and encouraging customers to bring their own bowls.


Technology & Innovation Increasing customer retention

Leveraging QR codes for orders and reviews, and an app for provider ordering, we’re at the forefront of technological integration. Our future plans include digitalizing loyalty programs and expanding into supermarket collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing your key queries and illuminating your path to partnership

We offer a comprehensive training package covering technical skills, food handling, cash register operation, and shop management. Our training is designed for perfection, and franchisees receive ongoing guidance, including a Luxalad Know-How handbook.

Franchisees are required to contribute 3% of their revenue towards digital marketing and 2% for partner communication and overall handling. Our franchise model is designed for a low initial investment.

Luxalad franchisees can expect a growing customer base, with a focus on office workers, gym-goers, and health-conscious individuals. We consistently perform quality control and updates to ensure high standards and adapt to public demand.

The average Luxalad salad bar is between 30 and 50m², customizable based on seating and terrace needs. We provide a unique and recognizable design, including specific machinery, furniture, and decoration.